About us

Dear Friends,

We are happy to invite you to our Centre. Research Centre Kairos is a non-governmental organization. There are two departments – Department of Academic Programmes and Department of Scientific Consulting which are closely related. We are deeply committed to provide a high quality of academic programmes and guidance, so our teaching is underpinned by our research. These are two equally significant aspects of our work.

The name of our Centre is symbolic. The word “kairos” comes from Ancient Greece meaning a beneficial moment to change things for the better. We believe there is no better time to start moving forward than now, doing things perfectly and keeping in mind that fortune smiles on those who deserve it.

Our mission is to provide inclusion of non-native English-speaking researchers into global academia through equal opportunities of world-class professional development and diverse partnership – governmental and non-governmental institutions, home and overseas organizations, various research areas.

We are starting our work without haste but our plans are quite vigorous. We will be happy to become a part of your success.


With best wishes,

Research Centre Kairos